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I have bought 100 shares of NIFTY 21st SEP 19900 PE at INR 73.13 yesterday (13-Sep-2023) in anticipation that the share price will go up but it is going down and currently is being traded at INR 28.25 . If the share price goes to zero, I will lose INR 7341 . Can someone suggest a strategy I should use so that I lose minimum or go into a profit :smiley: ? Can someone suggest? Thanks in advance

You could use Option Builder in the Sensibull platform to build a hedge or experiment with ways to minimize your losses or make a gain. There is still another week left for your options to expire!

Thanks, but I don’t have the experience of using Sensibull option builder. Are there any videos which I could refer to?

Hey @sachinbal

Hope this link helps you out.

Thanks, I will check this out

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