Advise on Mutual fund portfolio


My mutual fund portfolio is giving me 38% return, largely because I was able to take advantage of low market price back when lockdown started.

Given the current market trend, should I book my profits and make a new portfolio ?


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Hey Sachit, it completely depends upon you. If your motive of investment is completed than sell it otherwise you can hold. It is impossible to predict the TOP & BOTTOM of any Investments. Hope your query is Resolved.


Do one thing…book 30-40 percent…and reinvest it when market down…ups and down is the nature of market…this way you can have your notional profit in your hand…then you will not repent in future when market down…


Is that i need to pay Transaction charges of Rs.100/- on my Mutual fund purchase?
Please explain or provide the suitable link.

Thank you.

There are no transaction charges. Only Stamp Duty will be applicable on purchase of Mutual Fund’s. You can learn more on this here.

Hi Sanchit,

The following are the options.

  1. If the returns came from the equity MF’s, better to have the profits moved to debt fund-which is safer and yield consistent returns when compared to equity.

  2. When you have long term investment goal, stick on to the same funds after reviewing the fact sheets.


Depends on your objective:

  1. If it was to make a quick buck of the cheap valuations, you can square off all the quantity.
  2. If you are in need of money, sell off units which will be eq to your requirement.
  3. If you want to remain invested, trail the stop loss 10% below CMP.
  4. If you want to protect your initial capital, sell off the units of your initial investment and let the gains be invested as it is.

Having the same dilemma. But I am planning to go with 50% sell with my portfolio. Good thing is that finvasia has a good range of investment options to diversify the portfolio. Hope things go well.

Can you elaborate this please ? Which investment options are you talking about?

Besides stocks and bonds, there is also the commodity market which is a good way of diversifying portfolio. As they are not always proportionate to the stock market, it’s a good approach to keep 5% for commodities in your portfolio.

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How can we buy commodities ? They are only in F&O right ? And Zerodha already have commodity segment.