Affordable packages for Complete suite of applications

To the Concerned team,

Please consider providing discounted packages for those who wish to subscribe to complete set of 3rd party applications which Zerodha has collaboration with…Currently Sensibull and Streak have their individual monthly and annual plans with 30% discount. However, it would be good for users who use all such applications to have a combined discounted monthly, annual packages and provide more value for money in the process in form of probably 50% discount …Have shared this feedback to support team as well. Not sure if the feedback reached concerned team and if this is being considered.

Also, many trade with multiple brokers and the 50% discount which these individual applications provide for trading with multiple brokers is not advertised anywhere. As more and more trading platforms get integrated, its time to redesign the subscription packages to benefit users who use multiple platforms. It is not a scalable design currently even with 50% discount…A user who has already subscribed for Sensibull or streak platform shouldn’t be made to pay double or even 150%, 200%, 250% and 300% of subscription charges(with 50% discount considered) just for using additional 1,2,3 and 4 platforms respectively for trading

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There are not many who uses all the platforms and most importantly all those are not zerodha products, they are different companies and we really can’t ask them to offer at a particular price level, it is up to them.