AFL PI Bridge Code Error

as per the above you have created object and ended program..not called OLE objects !  post the complete code so that will check errors and post it back correctly.

or read more about error in below links

Hi Udit..
That is a warning raised by AmiBroker whenever we Use CreateObject Function in our AFL…
This is to alert the user that COM objects are not MultiThreading friendly..
What does that mean is whenever u create a COM Object and Call a Function…Amibroker will stop the execution of AFL code at that line and wait for the COM Object Function to finish and then continue executing the AFL code..
Suppose if your COM Object Function takes 1minute to Execute then till that 1minute your chart will hang and freeze..
But in Case of PiBridge….Its functions are executed in Milliseconds..and are Called only at the Signal
U Won’t find or Notice any lag when calling PiBridge Functions like “PlaceOrder”
So No Need to bother about that Warning…
Go Ahead..