After IPO issue date is closed, when the stock will get listed ( IPO Stock listing date )

a) After issue date is closed, When the stock will be listed in the exchange, the date of listing will that be pre-determined or tentative. When this information will be available to public.

b) What is the current method of allocation of stocks if it is oversubscribed and what is the current status of it, can we check online.

c) If we need any details about IPO listing date or book building info whom to contact.

a) It takes anywhere between 12-15 days for the allotment to happen and the shares get listed on the Exchange subsequently. All in all may take upto 20 days from the date when the issue is closed. The time has come down substantially after the introduction of ASBA.

b) I think each company has its own method of allotment, I'm not sure if the Red herring prospectus contains the basis of allotment. What I've heard is some companies do it on pro-rata, some do it on random basis etc.

c) You can contact the Registrar to the issue.