After placing Stop Loss order, current value and quantity does not show up. it shown NA

SL order is not triggered yet, but current value and quantity is not showing on zerodha platform.

log out zerodha platform and relogin

I did. Still same issue. Tried on both desktop and mobile app. Issue still persist.

The current value and quantity is not showing up where?

It is not showing up on zerodha platform under holdings tab.

When you place a stoploss order for your holding, then the stoploss order works as a sell order for the holding, which means that if the stoploss is triggered then your holding is sold out.

I have 20 shares of MCX in holding.

After I placed a sell order for 1 share of MCX, only 19 shares show in holding.

When I cancel the sell order, then again it shows 20 shares and appropriate current value in holding.

You can notice that the holdings also have an exit option on them. When you place a stoploss order for entire quantity, you already have an open exit order. So the exit option from holding should not show anymore. That is why the qty shows as 0.

Hi @mohit_jain2
please send the screenshot. So that we can assist you better.

In this, i had placed a SL for fiberweb. Now this SL is executed, but the time at which i raised this topic SL was not triggered. Hence it should show under my holdings. But as you can see in screen shot, its shows Qty:- 0 and Current
Value:- 0 and P&L:- NA.

I guess everything is perfect. Happy trading.