After what time is it wise to NOT take intraday positions?

I feel after European markets open (they generally open between 12:30 PM to 13:30 PM, exact time I don't know, I think these people also follow daylight saving, please get it confirmed) you should not take intraday position. And after 2:30 PM it's a strict no-no.

See, this all depends on various factors like:

  • Type of Scrip or Index or Option that you are trading in.
  • Day of the week, for Thursday and Friday, avoid taking position after 2:30 PM
  • General Trend of the market/Trend of the Scrip/Index
  • Then, your experience over the years.
  • Etc.

I think any time is good, if you have a tightly packed STOP LOSS.

But square off time after 2:40 is not so good for entering positions in my opinion.


i dont know about other but i take position after 2:30 and keep it till 3.10 or 3.29…depends upon type of order and broker…my most succesfull scalps or intraday trades are start and close of the day…its a skill u r comfortable with…everything goes fine on trending day its just range bound market with volatile surges in either direction that creates chaos.