Aftermarekt GTC Order on Sunday - didn't get executed


Aftermarket GTC order on Sunday doesn't get executed irrespective of price movement. Few weeks back, it happened with LeadM, it didn't get executed and I was not even able to cancel it. The support guy then got it deleted from the back end. But, the problem has persisted. Following is another order which is just lying there. It is not getting executed and when I try to cancel it, it throws a system error.. kindly look into this

Order Details:

  Account Id Exchange Segment Product Type Trading Symbol Buy/Sell Total Qty Pending Qty Price Status Rejection Reason NEST Order Number User Id Order Type Request Id Validity Disclosed Qty Trigger Price Average Price Traded Qty Nest Update Time Exchange Order No Exchange Time Stamp Instrument Name Order Gen Type Order Source Modified By User Good Till Date Condition Status Unique Key SIP Sequence Number Remarks Market Protection %
  DC0176 MCX NRML MENTHAOIL14JULFUT BUY 00.00   modify after market order req received  -- 140706000000167 DC0176 SL-M 1 GTC 704.70  00.00  06/07/2014 20:48:15  --  --  FUTCOM  AMO  WEB  --  --  NA  NA  NA  --  NA

Isn’t MCX closed on Sunday to execute the order.

For all such issues write to Zerodha Directly - [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].

Alternately you can open a ticket at

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Its after market order given on Sunday… so I think it should get executed on Monday.

Its a recurring problem, and last time the support couldn’t solve it completely. I posted here to check if someone else has experienced this or someone higher up in Zerodha to have a look at this. May be the after market order timings on weekends (For the orders to be sent on Monday at the time of market opening) is an issue. But the system accepts the order and then doesn’t execute and doesn’t allow to cancel as well… looks like a peculiar technical problem.

When support is not able to resolve an issue, one should contact [email protected] and [email protected] with the specific ticket numbers… I did the same when faced with this kind of issues and they got resolved quickly.
This is another forum where you might want to post you issue.