Airtel Scam! ITR related. Expert help required


So, I don’t know how many of you are aware of this, but, sometime ago airtel launched its ‘airtel Bank’ services.
It was okay, but they did something underhanded. They opened a savings account for every(probably) user they had ‘without’ their consent. Also I was also one of the victims.
This was big news, it was in the papers and T.Vs.

Problem- In ITR you need to show all bank accounts associated with you,

  1. The savings accouny under my name opened by airtel against my, will, feels ILLEGAL. So I didn’t report it in the ITR.

  2. Also the mobile number with which the savings account was associated, I had it teleported to Jio. Now I cannot even login into the Myairtel app, to see the account details. So I don’t even possess the savings account info.

What should my course of action be?


@Akarsh kindly contact the airtel payments bank customer care and confirm that ur account is still open, if its not yet closed, tell them to close it.
i hope it may help u in some means…

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I’d written them an email but haven’t heard from them since them. :frowning:

u can try to call them via phone know…
airtel payment bank cc no.

I tried contacting them via mobile first, the number they have displayed on their bank webpage doesn’t seem to work. I am really waiting for their mail as well.

well @Akarsh , its so sad to see that they cheated many people like u…
airtel payment bank closure

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You need to declare Bank details you have opened and if someone opened without your information , you can always inform the tax authorities to take details directly unless you have done financial transactions.