Ajay, please find the screenshot of both Market depth and snap quote buttons on the same terminal, as per your request

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From the screen shot, it is clear that both Market Depth and Snap Quote window display Market Picture.

Snap Quote displays additional information than market depth. I have highlighted the differences in this screen shot.

Values for Qty, Value, Gain/Loss and MTM will be displayed in case of open position.


Thank you very much Ajay

Ajay, values under column NFO refers to what?

Saiprasad they refer to markets and segments - NFO is for NSE F&O, NSE is for NSE Cash etc.

Ajay, I was referring to numbers 1 1 3 1 1 (appearing vertically) under NFO?

They refer to number of buy orders at that price ( 5 best bids)
1 order at 7613 of total quantity 1550
1 order at 7612.55 for 50 and so on.

ok thank you Ajay