Alert coders needed a robotrading software

i need coders who have experiance on stock market
they have to build me a software which buy the nearest option of the stock when ever a signal comes in the screener(chartink)
i am ready to pay for the website you make and give
Hoping all coders will reply to it

U can do that in @Streak . I think .
without any programming/coding knowledge.

i want to trade in option that is the ain problem

@Streak doesn’t support options ??

ya that is only my problem that why i need coders who can help me out

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There may be many ppl who can do this for you if you can post this in kite trade forum and not here. There are lot of ppl, who can do this for you.

Check out in kite trade forum

Kite Connect developer forum - Post in kite dev forum.

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Yes, Streak supports Stock and index options based strategies.