Algo for 1 Rs Target and 1 Rs SL

Hi, does anyone know a platform or a code through which you can enter into a trade with a 1 rs SL and 1 rs Target? Will this be beneficial for scalping (considering you trade in 900 or 1800 quantities)?

You can create a simple python script for this and connect with any broker api, you can check kiteconnect documentation for sample code for order placement, but you or may not make profit with this method of scalping.

Thank you for the suggestion but can you please explain why this strategy won’t work? :thinking:

it may or may not, depends on what you trade and market conditions, like trendy, sideways etc.

Unfortunately this strategy will never work

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hey @believeab

I generally use Streak for testing my strategies and deploying them in paper trade and live trade.

your requirement is possible using Streak, refer to the ss below all you have to do is assign SL and TP in points

you can check it if interested,

Thanks, will definitely give it a go :grinning:

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