Algo Help required



I am trying to create an algo which needs to have SL as low of 2nd 30 min candle. So how do i create this? Kindly suggest


Not Supported.


Is there not any way of doing bar count in intraday timeframe


@Streak can’t this be implemented in any way? I have subscribed to automate this strategy. Need your help


Why do you need the SL to be the low of 2nd 30 min candle only ? Won’t it make more sense to use the 1 hour opening range low as your stoploss ? Did you write to their support E-mail ? Wouldn’t it be wiser to do that?


What if 2nd 15 min candle closed above 1st , thats why :stuck_out_tongue:


Surely I would email them. I thought this would also be a platform to get answers.


Ummm okay… and the point that you’re trying to make with this is?


It is! But public forums are generally ment for public and some what generic discussions. It’s better to mail the respective platform for queries ‘very’ specific to them to get a quicker and more tailored response. They have a dedicated team to help out traders like us. I learnt this with experience.


It means ur logic to keep 1 hour candle low as SL wont work


Buddy I suggested so because volumes are generally higher on the 1st 30 min candle as compared to the second one. Volume analysis is crucial in finding support and resistance levels.