All about Zerodha

The below are the things i like and didn’t like about Zerodha


  1. Most trusted as the CEO itself most active on all forums
  2. 60Days challenge
  3. When all or many discount brokers giving only NEST, Zerodha is giving PI and Kite with Nest and NOW


  1. Not caring about traders losses. Zerodha offering 10% brokerage for referrals. To get referrals peoples creating lot of worst videos in the name of strategies in youtube. If someone new to market watch those videos they think share market is a place to be rich quick and trade blindly. I myself one of them lost almost 1.5L in 2months. @nithin should take some actions to stop those videos by raising a complaint with SEBI or stop giving referrals from those videos
  2. Its almost an year now still we are waiting for Kite 3.0. I didnt ask kite 3.0. Its upto zerodha to decide how to be competitive, but @nithin should stop giving fake commitments in public forums. If need i can give at least 10 such posts where he committed about the updates and missed. Requesting Zerodha to atleast activate the old Quant.
  3. Deleting Posts which are against Zerodha in this forum
  4. Notification issue in Trading QNA :wink:
  5. Customer support. One of my complaint still in open state for around 3 months. There should be a system to close complaints with a number of days

point 1,
you following some idiot’s strategy is your mistake and a company cannot run behind every guy and try his strategy and report to youtube. u thinking easy money can be made is your attitude as a gambler not anybody’s fault.

2 i agree to an extent.

3 i have seen them doing it, but most of the negative comments arent true its either ppl who hate its business spreading lies or ppl who lost money due to their own fault blaming zerodha or some brokers taking their frustration out here.

4 i agree fully.
5 they always close the ticket and try to help you as much as possible.

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You may be genius but i am talking about those watching them without knowing about market

  1. These are not official Zerodha videos and we don’t endorse them. One cursory look and you can figure out these videos/numbers are too good to be true. These are affiliates who put out videos to generate leads. But point taken we’ll see what we can do.
  1. Check this.
  2. The rule is simple, if a post doesn’t add value to this forum, we’ll moderate it and I don’t see how such posts add value to anyone.
  3. Getting this checked.
  4. Can you DM me the ticket number.
  1. The rule is simple, if a post doesn’t add value to this forum, we’ll moderate it and I don’t see how such posts add value to anyone.
    Why you have unlisted this then

Because this forum is not meant for support queries. Even after being unlisted we have responded to you!

This is not support query. I am trying to say that opentrade is not good to subscribe from the given data. You are giving fake datas to get ppls subscription

If there is an issue we’ll fix but you can throw around terms like “fake datas” with such ease.

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Yes, that is the reason why our support email exists.