All Weather Investing... ETF investing tool or stock investing tool?

Guys, I was having some misinformation that @smallcase is a tool for investing in stocks for newbies, but never knew it would become a tool for ETF investing tool (All weather investing smallcase). I mean if one needs ETFs, then they can invest directly in ETFs, why would anybody pay for a basket of ETFs only made by somebody.

Please correct me, if I am wrong. Thanks in advance.

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Few points i can think of. Am also a newbie here

  • We cant do SIP with ETF’s and have to be bought through demat account every time we need
  • % Allocation of different themes is important when we have small case. As it has Gold, Nifty etc. Its diversified

One may choose basket of ETF for diversification. Like you choose one Large Cap Fund, one small cap fund, and one midcap fund or multicap fund. Similarly you can choose basket of ETF to diversify your assets. They will help you to reallocate you ETF weightage.
Example : How much should be the weightage for Gold ETF? How much should be the weightage for Small cap ETF etc.
If you are capable enough to reallocate your weightage you does not require this basket.

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