All You Need To Know About Spencer's Retail Rights Issue

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So if I hold 2 shares of spence Retail.
I will get 15 RE.

And can apply for 15 Right issue or sell RE.

How much time it will take to show at my portfolio(zerodha) after applying for rights issue?

If you held 15 shares on record date, you would’ve got 2 RE’s. Which you can use to apply for rights shares or sell in the market.

Hi All - I have purposed Spencers-RE-BE on Zerodha on 10th August and now its not showing in my Portfolio’s. In the User Manual side See I need to raise RE for the same. But when I tried to do the system was not accepting and form way keeps on saying DP/Client ID. I am nervous about this as Zerodha support team are not accepting call and the last date for RE is 18th. Can anybody advice on how to take this forward?

Hi, the RE trading window has closed so you won’t see them in your holdings, though they are still in your Demat account and will remain there until issue closes on 18th August.

If you are getting DP/Client ID invalid error, try the following.

You need to ensure that you’re using the 16-digit ID available here. The DP Name is Zerodha Broking Limited.

Should you see an error ‘Invalid DP ID/DP account’ you can split the demat account number (16 digits) as DP ID: 12081600 and DP account: the remaining 8 digits.

Alternatively, you can apply via your Bank’s Net Banking ASBA portal as well. The process is similar to the process of applying for IPO, if you don’t know, you can read this post to know the process.

You are right!

Kindly visit link intime, enter your CML Id, change the option dpid/ client Id to renouncee, you will be asked to enter the no. Of re, kindly enter and make payment.


I bought the re stocks on Thursday (13th August). As it takes T+2 days for RE to be reflected in my accoun, I waited till today (17th August, including weekend) before paying rs.75 per share at 2 pm.

My demat account recorded the RE shares coming into my account at 3:30 pm. Meaning I payed for subscription an hour before the RE landed into my account. Will that be a problem?

Won’t be a problem.

Hi Team,

I have bought the Spencers RE shares from open market and now wants to raise Right Issue through Linkin time portal. To claim right issue when I open the page in linkintime, the bank which is linked to my DEMAT account is not listed to do the payment. So what need to be done, whether if I use other bank will this transaction successful or what is the workaround.

You can use other bank account, but it should be in your name.

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By when can we expect the Spencer’s share to be allotted to us?

Tentative date of allotment is August 25, date of credit to demat account is August 26, and listing date is August 27.

i’m entitlement of 40 share of RE of spencer. So i had done payment of 40 shares of RE Share of spancer through your R-WAP portal and i’d done payment from my registered bank account and payment was successful but receipt not generated bank because of network error issue. payment was deducted but i got no mail from spancer. Please help me find out whether my payment is received to you or not. please help me to find this.

Thank you so much. I have visited and done required action

I had bought the RE from secondary market, I didn’t applied for right issue and also i have not sold from kite holdings. It has been lapsed now. Is there any option to claim the premium which i paid to buy RE?

When you bought the RE’s, you should have made sure you applied for the rights shares. There is no way to claim the refunds.

Got a messafe saying the RE shares have been debited/extinguished from my account. But haven’t got the full shares yet… I had made the payment…

Have the shares been allocated? If so, any idea who I should contact?

The date of allotment was scheduled on or about August 25th and date of credit of these shares is on or about August 26th. You should receive the shares in coming days.