Allotment of ipo which i didn't apply for

I very often receive messages on my phone number registered with zerodha that i have been alloted xyz quantity of xyz ipo against application number
xxxxxxx. However i don’t apply for ipo’s. Can this be a case of fraud where my number is being used by someone else? What should i do?

I too receiving flood of messages from many days, yesterday i received message from “IM-MSELTD” REPORTED MY FUND BALANCE , SECURITIES BALANCE SO ON, and also receiving many messages from unknown about IPO allotment, I suspect this is because of HACK AT UIDAI ( AADHAR) OR From mutual fund operators targeting Zerodha because of "COIN " , but it is very annoying and This is a high time to Petition Prime minister ( TRAI & DND are useless) about the problem

I’m alerting through a mail to CDSL, NSDL, NSE and BSE apart from karvy from who i am receiving these messages that i have nothing to do with concerned application, shares and kindly update ur info. i suggest u do the same