Amibroker Backfill

I want to backfill nifty/banknifty from Pi/Nest to amibroker.So that i can use bar replay feature.


I tried some method like loading chart in Pi then exporting it to .csv file but main problem comes when Time&Date comes.Can anyone provide me a “Working” software to autoconvert format…

It is possible to backfill the real time data into amibroker from Nest as Performance will degrade if you add more scrip so it is recommended to get data from the private data vendors.

check the below link for backfill data

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Pi provides Chart Data for very long time.
It is easy to Import that Data into AmiBroker for back-testing/trading.
Here is the step by step guide to import Pi chart data into AmiBroker.
This method doesn’t use any external tools or utilities.