AMO Execution?

I have placed a square off/buy order NIFTY8100PE-JAN15 @Rs.26/=Limit, as After Market Order.But on next day opening the premium went as low to 23.70.But my order was not executed.Why ?.Because of non filling up my valid order,I lost oppurtunity to profit.

Can any one clarify me in what circumstances AMO has greater chances for execution?

Please refer to this link

like “If you are looking at getting the best fill first thing in the morning, placing a market order at opening is a much better idea than using AMO. We typically have thousands of orders as AMO, which are sent together to the exchange at market opening and this might take a few seconds for the orders to be placed. AMO is a feature mainly for the investing community, who can’t get online during market hours.​”.

May be between 9:15 and 9:15:30, the price came up from 23.7 to over 26 and you missed it?

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