AMO OR GTT for Nifty & BankNifty ETFs


In Zerodha, I see an option for AMO orders… which are valid from aftermarket hours till 8:57 AM next morning.

But when I tried to place AMO order for Nifty ETF: ICICINIFTY

I am getting error in Zerodha that: AMOs are not allowed for ETFs. Please use GTT instead

So my question is how can I place an order or whether it is possible to place an order for EFTs like ICICINIFTY, for below timings.:

  1. In premarket, from 9:00 AM to 9:08 AM
  2. Post-market, from 4 PM to 8:57 AM next day

You can place GTT orders on ETF’s. You can learn more here

I did that, Place order around 8:50 AM, Chose AMO and ST with price and trigger price… and when clicked Sell , I got that message “AMOs are not allowed for ETFs. Please use GTT instead”

I am using kite Web version. So how do I place GTT order outside market hours on ETFs like : ICICINIFTY ?

AMO orders aren’t allowed on ETF’s. With GTT you can place Buy order with trigger price, so whenever price of stock reaches trigger price your order will be executed. You can learn more about GTT by clicking the above link.

Thanks for your inputs.
And apologies for asking it again but I have still confusion with Whether we can place order for ETF’s EQ (ICICINIFTY) outside market ours (3:30 PM to 9:15 AM). Is that possible ?

You can place GTT orders at any time, they will be executed only when your price hits your trigger.

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May I know the reason behind it. Why are AMO orders disallowed for ETFs? Thank you.