AMO order after 3.40 pm issue

Hi, I placed AMO order for XYX stocks on CNC mode at the closing price. However, in the order book it just stays there as AMO REQ RECEIVED. Is my buy complete or will I be able to sell tomorrow when market opens?

AMO orders are for the next trading day. Currently your AMO order has been accepted by the system and will be placed during the premarket session tomorrow at 9am.

Are you placing a buy or sell AMO?

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Sir, I am buying. Can I cancel now? I read from Zorodha Varsity module that we can purchase after market at the closing price. Suppose if I don’t cancel it, will I get at the same rate as the closing rate during the previous session?

For this, you have to place a post-market order between 3.40pm and 4pm, which is a regular CNC buy market order and if there is a seller, then your order will get bought at CMP.

No, AMO orders will execute based on the prices tomorrow.

Read this post for more clarity.

Looks like there were no sellers. So, can I cancel it now?

Yes, you can cancel it now. If you want to place an order in the post-market session, then place Regular CNC orders and not an AMO order.

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Thanks a lot. I will do that next time.

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