An App or site that for monitoring your portfolio ( Fundamentally bases )

I have a very varied portfolio with > 100 stocks . I need to monitor for mostly news based fundamental events and also imp tech. milestones.
.e.g. - earnings reports
– company bags contract
–core personnel resignation.
-upcoming rights / bonus / splits etc
-dividend etc
and also stuff like 52 w H / L’s
All this info delivered to your cell vide SMS or App. I must get it 1 way or other on cell
I dont see any broker that offers this facility be it Zerodha ICICI Reliance or HDFC
The closest I could get to this was moneycontrol ( MC )
Well MC will let you monitor just 10 stocks for free on their site and their premium features can send your SMS for all these events for your portfolio but they want 900 PER SCRIPT per year. I dont mind paying up something that is not that insanely priced. Eco times - just 6 stocks.
So I am still looking around . Can someone suggest an App or a site please . Doesnt have to be totally free. I dont mind doing an annual flat fee .

This might be of help.

I would recommend, I have been using it for than 2 years and happy with it give it a try

Have you found any good solution Jason_reeeves