Analysis of Business Men, Economist, Media and Govt

Assume There is a Half filled Glass of Water on Table. We asked Business Man an Economist , a Media Person and Govt about the Glass with water.

Business Man

This is having still some vaccum left. I will explore how can I benefit from it. will findout what products can be fit into so that I can make some bucks,. I will lobby with the govt. whether they give any tax breaks or subsidies for filling water in to it.


This is not giving any data. We need more data to see wheter this glass will get emptied or filled. Govt should not try to fill the water that will put Govt in trouble. . where from Govt bring Water to fill it again from same People, they collect Water in the form of cess and distribute it through Glasses.


The Glass is Half Empty. we can not see it is going to filled any time soon,. It is time you take your share of water in that before anyone does.


We have given a glass of Water and people are happy and everything is fine. We will bring more water when RBI reduces rates.
This amount of Water available in the glass is more than what is available in other countries.



We are the second populous country in the world you have keep that in mind.


:joy::joy: Waiting to take a position in the way of Glass fill or in the way of Glass Empty. :joy::joy:


What is the colour of the water, Saffron, Green