Another report from hindenburg

true , they don’t have circuit limit like we do

Yes, it’s just like how we buy and place sell orders at our target points.

Everything is just like how to take the long trades. Only difference in the US is that unlike the Indian markets (where shorting on stocks can only be done intraday, except derivatives) they can carry forward their short positions and square off whenever they want but they have to pay a certain shorting fee, depending on the no of shares available for shorting.

we can’t expect that analyst will do such work to save retailers.
Anyone who try to bring wrong thing in light, gets in trouble (by system & Company). No company wants bad report against them, so all news anchor, analyst are on their payroll.
Mr.Nitin Mangal suffered alot because of sell report against indiabulls.
Capital mind also written on it. even hindenburg also said in report of adani that all analyst, anchor, politiotions are afraid of adani, so no one will say the truth.

Moneylife (sucheta& debashish) is doing good work to save retail investors, but peoples like them are rare in india.