Any back tested system to follow with 80-90% accuracy?

I need information on trading system coded with back tested and accurate.

The Accuracy of the trading system in immaterial , How much money it will make when it makes money and how much money it would loose , when it looses money is important.

For example , One trading system with 90 % accuracy , means 1 loss making call and 9 profit making calls.

It makes 1% in each of the Nine profit calls and looses 9% in one loss call .

1% * 9 + -9% *1 = 0%.

Net Profit = 0%

Another trading system , 40% accuracy , means 6 loss making calls and 4 profit making calls,

It looses 0.25% in each of 6 loss making calls and makes 2% in each of the 4 profit calls.

2% * 4 + -0.25% * 6 = 6.5%

Net Profit = 6.5%.


no system can ever make money for anyone…untill one has sound money management rules

lets take an arbit example:

trading is (for most) like tossing a coin with probability of head and tail as 50% each… so you can come to your terminal and go long/ short blindly each day…with 50% chance of winning
but what is more important is to carry the winners upto ideal point and exit the loosers at appropriate time…

so the crux is one can still make money without any system but has good money management rules in place… technical analysis / system increases the probability of winning but does not make one winner


In the end its the broker who is making money, not you.

Even if there is one, why do you feel someone would give it to you. More people using the strategy would only reduce its effectiveness.

any proof or results with the same?