Any book that can teach me correct way to place stops?

any book that can teach me correct way to place stops?

you can place stop loss in these ways in intraday trading

  1. latest swing low
  2. below resistance
  3. 1.5 % below at LTP
  4. experienced traders are able to place stop loss even on 1 or 2 rs below the ltp.
  5. below a big bullish candle in heiken ashi
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do u use his techniques? results are good?

Sir , Will you please answer my these queries,

  1. what is average daily range. How can i know a stock average daily range.
  2. in the end he says if market goes against you the do hedging.
    • What is hedging.
    • Suppose i have invested 3 out of 5 times will i have to close the position. How will i
      do hedging

This is the best video I ever seen for trading.

Thank you for sharing it. :+1::yellow_heart:
I hate putting stop loss. As experience goes up I am moving in the direction as mentioned in the video. It is coincidence I posted hedged trading two days back.

With stop loss we are doing more trades and paying more charges.

Hedged position

I am only doing wrong my exits. That I learned Now.

Thank you @portfolioplus911

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Video about Renko Charts

Mixing Renko and Heiken Ashi is something can be done only by customised software.

Enter where you would otherwise usually stop. Hmm, interesting.

@haribabu, Sir, you answer at 6am on a Sunday morning too. No wonder Zerodha is always ahead of the curve

Really an inspiration @haribabu