Any broker dealing in P group shares?

i want to deal in a P group shares which is almost regularly traded at exchange though very thinly. P group shares are settled in physical mode/optional demat mode and have marketable lot of 100 shares .

I hold 100 physical share of Sunil industries ltd which in in P group ? is it worth getting it demated and is it possible to sell through Zerodha ? @shubh @siva @as

Yeah, once in demat you can sell.


BUY 100 x SUNILTX is rejected.
MIS / BO / CO orders are blocked for this instrument (try CNC / NRML) or it has been restricted from trading. it is a CNC order i placed but the rejection messages says otherwise.

*****i guess you Can not trade in P group share through Zerodha be it buy or sell as the system do not accept orders.

Try to sell in cnc?

I am placing CNC buy order but the message of rejection say otherwise.

Buying is blocked, if you have shares you can sell it.

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You mean it is blocked at Specifically… Zerodha level because there are pending buy orders on Both scrip…Sunil industries( 1 order of 500 shares) and Pervasive commodities (2 orders of 6200 shares) .
Kindly guide how these buy orders are being placed ?