Any budget 2023 specific picks?

Any specific stocks or sectors on ur radar for this year’s budget ?

It’s only 4 days more to budget but there’s no excitement in the market.

Seems like we are heading into the budget with muted expectations

Yup, barely ~1.5% move priced in nifty :sweat_smile:

(doesn’t make sense, sitting out best option?)

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I was thinking of doing a long straddle, dont know if it will work out well or not.

Nifty has been going all over the place but coming back to 18000 repeatedly. So, I considered long stdle but even this seems unfavorable.
It’s weird, lond&short straddle seem unfavorable, long/short direction seems uncertain :sweat_smile:
So, sitting out…

(Any position, would keep size small & expectations low)

ATM Straddle is trading 310 points for 7.5 trading session 2nd Feb expiry. This is the lowest premium I am witnessing for Budget day . Usually on budget day we have this or more premium( than we have this for 7.5 days) , looks like we would see just 100 point trading range in budget with volatility. Irony is its linearly melting ( so long straddle seems favorable here but don’t know till which point its gonna melt)

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Till nifty comfortably crosses 17250-280 zone, not much action is expected. Same with 18080-040 zone on the downside.

Till then, only churning.

Small n midcaps are the place to be if at all one wants to punt on…for budget

And slowly slowly, energy prices are inching up … can keep an eye on beneficiaries.

The premiums are very low this year.

Must have made huge profits (if you ignored my view😅)