Any collective activities to do with trading?

suggest some financial related or other collective activities we can merge with trading for further boosting income. need some nice answers.

hmm.. Vikram it depends on your skill sets I guess. But if you are trading for a living and you are looking at related activity

  • If you are good at writing, you could maintain a blog post and earn something from google ad revenue. 
  • You can teach people on how to trade, only 0.05% of India's population actively trade/invest in the markets. So the potential is quite big, i.e if you like to teach. 
  • You could become an investment advisor, someone who gives buy/sell on the markets. 

These are the only things related to the markets that I can think of. But considering that trading for a living gives you freedom in terms of time, you could probably do something which is not related to trading itself. 


There are various collective agreements which you can merge with trading. Check out for your area code.

nithin,whenever i receive a answer from you that answers seems to be the best one and you are the one who knows our pain-gain everthing the reason is because you where been one among us…launch pi as soon as possible ,if you launch on January 1 of 2015 im telling its gonna be a mental boost for us a new year ahead with new platform…

teaching ppl is a good idea, i haven’t come across anyone genuine till date who could teach the right method the right way. so if u r successful, the u can share ur strategy with ppl for a fee. great idea, nithin!