Any criteria to get selected for Rainmatter

Hi @nithin @siva , I have some products like ,

1)Live market market depth chart - displays tick by tick line chart with bids and offers

2)Live OI chart - Tick by tick chart where for example in Banknifty , there will be line chart and open interest of all the options will be show in graph live as they happen.

And they can place order directly from chart to zerodha ( after confirmation ofcourse)

My question is I will be developing lots of useful tools like this , I want to be like sensibul , streak , How can I get funding from rainmatter and can I get funding after showing demo of all these tools or I should have complete website before hand .

Also after funding , how much profit should I share to rainmatter ?

It should be like solving an existing problem in markets. Just extension or one feature may not be enough. OI chart is there on sensibull also we will come-out with trading from chart option soon.For more you can write to [email protected].

We don’t take any share in profits.

Ok its not just extension , Will post demo video soon. We have only table in market depth now , we dont know what happens in past 10 mins.Addition or removal of limit order can be catched with this chart.

Hey @siva : I sent you private message , please check if its any different or not worth it for rainmatter.