Any explanation for this tax calculation

The purchases were done in Feb/June 2018, but for some reason the grandfathering rule has been applied even though it should apply only for purchases made before 31 Jan 2018. Any idea whats going on here?

@akash_mehrotra We are getting this checked.

@TheGouda , were you able to take a look at this?

grandfathering clause should not be applicable in case you buy after declaration of the same

@akash_mehrotra Grandfathering clause is not applicable for the stocks bought after 31st Jan 2018. We have reported this issue to our developers. It should be fixed in a week or two.

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@TheGouda , thanks, please update this thread once deployed.

@TheGouda , Its been close to 2 months now. Any update on this?

@TheGouda , if you’re with Zerodha, could you please take a look at ticket 20200709585379 ? Your support is claiming that grandfathering applies even when the BUY transaction was done after 31 Jan 2018 and the report above is correct “in all details according to tax regulations and trades made.”

Is that really the case? Is Zerodha’s stance that if a security is purchased AFTER 31 Jan 2018, even then the FMV of 31 Jan 2018 applies to the LTCG calculation? I believe this is wrong and will get your clients into trouble for incorrect calculation of taxes