Any guesses for USDINR18MAYFUT to touch 68 low today?


I have gone short at 68.2 and am expecting the Futures to reach 68.

I would like to hear your thoughts…

My view is that , you have taken a short position exactly at Support level

Thank you for the kind reply… I would also appreciate your hypothesis on this trade assuming its shorted at 68.2…

In other words, what would you do to undo/ remedy?

Well , its a difficult position , i am not recommending , i would exit from my wrong trade ( in fact i am watching USDINR level 's of 68.232 & 68.10 whether it holds the level or not to take a trade )

Your prompt and gracious reply is well appreciated.

Thank you for letting me know your idea of this trade.

It came close to my target… Half luck riding on a 3 wheeler chariot.

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It did… I am feeling great!

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was on my radar too. shorted and earned

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Good luck and well earned income… Hope you best your efforts

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