Any idea, when we are going to get Zerodha PI on our hands?

I am really excited to see Zerodha PI after seeing its youtube video. Is there any estimated timeline on when we get this marvelous tool?

pretty soon. Beta testing has started. 3-4 weeks.

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it like as same MT4

Got pop up that PI is about to be launched. This is an amazing news.

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Is it possible for us to do beta testing?

yes. send an email request to [email protected]
all the best.

When are we actually getting Zerodha PI in our hands, will it be after 3 to 4 weeks or you will be starting Beta testing after 3-4 weeks and later on based on your testing output we will be getting zerodha pi in later days.
Also one more question about stock screening functuonality, will we be getting both intraday and EOD sctock technical screeners in this new software ? If so then will it be standard as well as custom screeners?
Please respond with your comments on this.