Any important political/economical events lined up?

Hey guys,

Just want to know if you know of any important political/economical events lined up that can potentially impact the markets in 2018?

Please share your thoughts. We can use this thread to know about the events and also may be manage risk.


I use this by @Sensibull

Thanks. Their global events page needs more updation. Their FNO results tracker is fantastic. However, I am talking about events that can potentially impact short term to medium trends of the markets.

Hmmm, can you give me an example?

Dec 2017 - Gujarat Elections
1st Feb 2018 - Budget
Feb 2018 - Spike in bond yields.
1st March 2018 - New LTCG regime
May 2018 - Ktk elections


This is a great initiative. In fact if you want any event to be in Sensibull, you can post it here and we will track it and show it for you in the platform. Thanks @RahulKhanna