Any plans for MTF facility?

Any plans to come up with MTF facility that can be traded using stocks as collateral. Similar to what brokerages such as Motilal Oswal, Sharekhan or ICICI Direct does?

@siva @nithin

In our list of things but will take more time.

In the sense of MTF facility. Say if the broker gives 4x exposure to the delivery positions. Do one need to manitain the entire share value in his/her funds during squareoff time?

Do this anyway rrelated to margin shortfall plenty?

say for instance, A client has 25000 as a margin for buying shares he gets 100000 worth of share using MTF but during his squareoff does he need to maintain 100000 in his account?
@nithin @siva

Not necessary, one can just sell those shares.

But brokers asks clients for a MTF pledge of the shares inorder to carry the position longer than t+6 days right ??
So if we pledge the shares inorder to sell the shares first we need to unpledge the shares right??
In that case ??

Nothing like that as per my knowledge, one can hold beyond T+6 also with out pledging , anyhow no need to worry about these things now only, once we are about to start MTF we will explain the procedure in detail.


Say I lf Person A buys 100 stock in Intraday and sells those 100 stock @ 3.20 p.m on the same day.
Person B comes and buy these 100 shares and
Selling these 100 shares on the next day ( PERSON B doing BTST trade )
Will this make person B to face auction plenty.

How will these stocks sold by A will be delivered. Only if the stock gets delivered Person B will not have a plenty issue ???
Kindly explain in detail . Thanks.

@ShubhS9 @siva

@siva By when do you expect to roll out MTF?

@siva Is there any update on the MTF facility?

Rules around it have been changed recently hence this got pushed, working on it, no ETA.

Hi Siva, Any update on MTF Facility or plan has been dropped.

Not on our priority for now, will take time.