Any plans to update chartiq?

Dear @nithin @siva

Any plans to update chartiq? I know you guys are busy with TV right now, but like several other users TV charts didn’t click for me as well.

Please note a few updates which would really be appreciated.

  1. Magnet function for all drawing tools [HLC values]
  2. Custom fib levels
  3. ability to lock drawings ( once you have several it’s a mess trying to select the one u want to edit)
  4. Option to have no background for all drawing tools as in TV.
  5. Option to copy drawing tools as in TV.

PErsonally i just love chartiq , just needs to get a tad bit better.

For many price action traders like me , drawing tools are the bread and butter and the better they are , the more fun trading becomes.

Thanks for all the awesome work you guys are doing !!!


We are using the latest update of both chartiq and tradingview for charting. They are 3rd party platforms, we wouldn’t be able to update it. Will forward your requests to the chartiq team.

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Thanks a lot Nitin. I was under the impression that you guys developed chartiq in-house , but anyways thanks for considering the request!

Any scope of predefined watchlist…like nifty 50,nifty next 50,nifty near future watchlist for mobile as well as web browser…

Yes, this will come soon.