Any Safe investment (okay with low but fixed returns) against which money can be pledged

Hi @nithin / @siva ,
I have an account with zerodha and mostly I trade intraday options and don’t hold any overnight positions, i want to utilize my idle funds for long term (safe- fixed return - I am okay even with low returns) against which I can pledge money for intraday trades and i have below questions related to this-

  1. In worst case scenario what could be the risk of having negative returns on this?
  2. how much money can be pledged for intraday
  3. how long does it take to pledge money and how long will it be available for trading?
  4. If i make some losses in intraday, how do i need to compensate and in how much time?

Thanks in advance:)

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go with liquidbees, will give you a fixed return of 6-7% p.a

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There’s liquidbees and also liquid funds by Aditya Birla, ICICI PRUDENTIAL, Axis etc which Zerodha allow for pledging.

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Go with growth liquid funds, my portfolio always green

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can you share some names you’re holding? i am currently holding quantum liquid fund, 10% portfolio allocation.


aditya 40% , nippon 30% , others


What if i do intraday trades and make some losses using collateral margin, By when do I need to pay for these losses to avoid any kind of charges/interests