Any scalpers/short term day traders, share your experiences

Na I will stick with technical analysis and money management. If you have ultra instinct to trade with no technical analysis or even fundamental analysis good for you.

As far as your returns , you have beaten billionaire statistician algo trader Jimmy simons and billionaire Warren buffet

Jimmy simons :- ~70% yearly return average
Warren Buffett :- ~30% yearly return average
You:- 100 to 360% in a day

Let me be first to congratulate you.


If one achieves 360% return that too in a day, it means the position size is awfully small

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Woah! Where are we heading? :star_struck: :upside_down_face.

The only reason I’m here is because the “Topic is about SCALPING” And experiences. and you guys coming up with whole new HEAT! No where i mentioned my trading methods or styles or why or how or xyz. I just shared what i went through. But guy assumed himself something with casion and trading. Chill bro. We can end up in never ending discussion. That 360% it’s just one greedy day happened. Maybe you guys never tasted 20x leverage weapon and never seen a markets moments like i do.

There was a day, RBI want to restructure the banking sector in 2018 & 2019 Period. That day entire banking stocks were opened above 15% and PNB hit 50% in single day. A stock of 125 went 250. So i was just sharing my experiences. and this guy coming with (DISEASE WORLD HAS- COMPARING) SICKNESS. If possible, Get to know different between TRADING AND INVESTING

By definition this thread is about share experiences.

Guy needs to review his math how technical analysis works. and once should check 20x leverage what kind of a weapon it was in the past.


Hey! It’s not on single trade. I took many trades by using 20x leverage with total investment repeatedly countless trades. It’s just one day in entire 6 years.

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how could you have so much conviction? balls of steel

need 1/10 of your courage

It’s not my money! :rofl:Greedy freind pushed me. Have you watched taxi no 9211? In that movie, Nana patekar will be forced to drive faster due to John’s issue. Similarly, there were some quick gun games were going inside our trading community.

Nitin, CEO OF ZERODHA says, (leverage) Weapon of mass destruction. Indeed it is.

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You did , that is the biggest takeway above everything else you mentioned. See below

Blowed up the account more than 250 times

That’s what happens when you bad money management and added leverage to it.

Forget the methods, if your money management is not there it really doesnt matter what else you do.

I mostly see things from prop firm perspective, no comparison.

Lol Bro!? Do you know the meaning of SCALPING? Yes or. No? First of all, You don’t even have (qualification) to enter into this particular classroom ( Discussion is about scalping- read the title of this post)
Second, prop firms perspective? Discussion ends. Here it’s all about

Well well well. I got your point bro. Money management, blah blah blah. Good for everyone if it’s really worth making progress.



@Celina so dhan? How is it going? Shooting? Lucky you got 50% brokerage discount. It’s a big help for you to save. Hurry! Offers ends soon.

I’m addicted to thier PLATFORMs

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I don’t see any more sense in this thread.

Well if things are working for you and you are profitable overall good for you. I ain’t saying anything. Peace out! :v:


@raoawesome Bro i never said it’s working or etc etc. Simply i just shared what happened with in scalping journey. I’m in peace already. Welcome anyways.


You’ll have to time your trade perfectly if you want to make profit. It can be challenging, but as long as you use a practical approach, it will be fine. Depending on your strategy and the direction of market movement, you make your move.