Any solution for this(Nudge alert)? Fresh positions not allowed

Any solution for this(Nudge alert)? Fresh positions are not allowed in CTM options.
A 5 days before every expiry, we see this Nudge alert, which alerts us that “This contract will be physically settled on expiry and requires additional physical delivery margins. Fresh long positions are not allowed for this expiry.”
as per rule of Sebi CTM options settled with cash, not physically, Am I right? Then why Zerodha don’t allow us to trade within it? If you allow us to trade, we can gain more, & you can square off if the option turning to ITM from CTM, or send user an alert to square off it immediately.
below i attach some screenshot, in which i lost very good trading opportunity in those option contracts. Yes, I know what you are thinking! why i haven’t traded in next series rather than this? well all we know the reward is comparatively very low than current series, & the capital risk is very low, the only risk is of turning in ITM from CTM.
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indusindbk when i tried to enter

after rally

same case in maruti when tried for entry

after rally

In Jindalstel actually i was trying to buy 380 ce on 10.22 at rs:1.30, which was touched 12.75 later. system not allowing me to enter in 380 when ltp was 372.80, so i tried to enter in 390 ce but the problem is same. so later thought that i should take sc to share, what i faced.
on 11.25 again tried to buy

post rally