Any traders from Patna


I know there are traders/investors from Patna, because I have seen people sending courier to Zerodha. If anyone interested in collaboration, let me know.


I am from Patna what kind of collaboration you are talking about?


basically, right now I am looking to rent a place where traders can work peacefully with all the amenities of a office. Working from home is difficult and not peaceful. I am looking for a group of 3-4 dedicated investors/traders who would like to carry on with their business in peaceful and efficient environment.

I have scanned several co-working places and Rent-A-office type of places but none of them effectively open before 10 AM. Even if they do, it is on as is available basis. I.e they cannot gaurantee the routine on long term basis. It may be available now or in future, but there is no guarantee that it will in future.

So I am looking to rent and develop a place to cater specifically to investors/traders who would like to work and follow with the market routine in peaceful and efficient way.

Make it like, work in “your own office” affordably.

This place shall provide entry at 7:30 AM and be ready for business by 8:00 AM. If it works out, we may add even more services, for say, services for novice traders or advanced services for seasoned traders/investors as the demand may be.

Let me know.

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Will providing hardware and money to trade be illegal

I also think separating your professional and personal life is a good practice for peaceful environment. I already have an office(its my father’s but he rarely uses it so i have occupied). I’ll bookmark this post in case i want to move in future.


Do you guys have something like coworking place or no anyway ? I do not see anything really done at home cause I am constantly distract by all my doings here anyway. Do you really want to make it all happening ? Then please do.


if at least 4 people come together and contribute 2000 each, I can arrange for a place. It is not that difficult. I have my own newly constructed 2 room set, which I can convert into office space. Or rent something out, outside, in a location which is easily accessible to all.

Let me know.


Trading should be done alone, crowded environment isn’t suitable for trading.


Nice effort. All the best.
I had this same idea and asked WeWork in Bangalore, Brigade Road. They quoted 25K per desk per month :woozy_face:
Trading in the company of good traders will definitely up the game for us also :slight_smile:


I can share 10k and come to bangalore too. Just need a comfortable (“Office like”) environment to do my work. Also, when you have company of like minded people nobody ogles at your laptop screen and ask irrelevant and annoying questions and keep staring at your laptop. It feels highly uncomfortable. Ya one might share few strategies or tactics to trade to help fellow traders, but nobody gives you annoying suggestions or ask stupid questions.

BTW I am in delhi right now for same purpose.

25k for what, just for sitting at the table (hotdesk) and working on your laptop??? 4k here in Patna for the same thing, but they open at 10.