Anybody used amibroker and zerodha trader softwares in dell windows 8. 1 tablet?

I have ordered a dell venue 8 pro tablet for trading as installation of softwares is not allowed in my office. If someone used amibroker and zerodha trader in windows 8.1 tablets, please share ur experience here…

Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:

I haven’t really used Zerodha Trader and AmiBroker on a Windows 8.1 tablet but I’m sure it’ll work. You just need to know that these programs are resource hungry and since the tablet has only 2GB RAM, the performance could be sluggish if you’re planning to use algoZ or automate your trades through the tab.

You’ll have to try it and educate all of us about the performance after you’ve got the tab and used it for a while. I’m sure all our readers will really appreciate it.

Yeah sure hanan. Will come up with a nice review once i get used to it completely. But for me, I dnt knw this algoZ coding stuff. My entries, stops and exits are purely based on Pivot breaks and trendlines breakouts. Bt i promise that i will come up with a clear cut review once im accustomed with this chota weapon. :wink:

Windows 8.1 Tablet is a mobile version ,Our Zerodha trader doesn’t support that OS.