Anyone Attended VRD Nation Trading Program?

I Came across a youtube channel named “VRD Nation” and the presentation and way of teaching was seems good. And I went on their website to see the programs they were offering …it seems quite a big amount for me to enroll at this point in time… Has anybody attended the academy courses ?? or any views about the program?

Once a while I watch their videos, personally I liked them. No idea about their program though.


Yeh, his way of explanation is intriguing and clear , but I’m not sure it justifies the 40k price point of that program :slight_smile:

I too watch his videos regularly in Youtube but didn’t enroll in VRD Rao’s courses as they are mostly meant for trading since I am just an investor not a trader.
But I feel the explanation and content seem to be very good in Quality going by Youtube videos.

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Yes I have attended the elite traders program from VRD nation. The cost of the program is 39,999 and validity to complete the course would be 1 year. I am a professional trader and investor and by far this is the best of the best course I came across. Every video in the course is must watch and all topics are very clearly explained even a tenth pass guy can understand . But the content is completely in English and it’s explained in simple English by vrd sir. Every penny spent for this course is hundred percent worth because you can learn everything about trading in short span few months or it will take few years to learn same thing. You can visit VRD nation YouTube channel and listen to few classes. I strongly recommend this course for people who are serious about trading.

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