Anyone here who is successful as a trader? Be Honest

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Check this

successful traders never give there strategy

Some tips to become successful trader


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successful traders do exist they are not only theoritical.


for a day so many things happen and reaction must be good and must be +ve side of bidding.but price comes down to the buying price also and 90% time it happens later it may go up with proper sentiment but .patience is the key which comes along with fear/greed .

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Stock Market is like an Ocean and Traders/Investors are like aquatic living beings who require oxygen to breathe. The right strategy to invest is like oxygen to survive in the market.

Possibilities for successful trader could be

-Study the daily market

-Study the support/resistance levels

-Analyze Fundamental/Technical

-Study Nifty Open Interest

You can also refer to this link for all your study/analysis from this website as I do

watch billions the series lel