Anyone suggest maruti new low after posting bad sales result

MARUTI New low…

6000 in upcoming weeks

First see how it behaves before deciding yourself that it will go to new lows. Some times they go opposite side and then later we say ohh it was priced in.

Other than that, its chart is clear. It has taken 3 times support at 6500 in last 6 months. If that’s broken, then why should you predict new low, the stock will show new lows itself upto levels we may not even think of.

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Maruti is in a trading range of 6500 level to 7500, from many months , now Maruti is near to its lower trading range , Its risky to trade/Invest a stock , trading in a 'trading range" , But interestingly Maruti’s long term chart showing more up side than lower side , a divergence between short/ medium to long term chart , so its better to wait for Maruti to break these trading ranges either up or down side before taking a call , these are my chart studies not a recommendation.

6000 is a very good price for one year investment horizon…