Anyone who gives trading calls for free?

Hello Trader,

Watch CNBC, ETNOW, BLOOMBERG for free expert trading ideas,

Watch out for trading calls made only after 9:10AM

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Don’t worry. you will get trading capital for free as well.

Hi Rahul, Paid call: If someone can able to make money then what is the need to sell their ideas to you for very less fees. Free calls: No successful trader will give you free calls. The successful traders will always look to earn more money. But they might give their out look about their strategies and stock picking methods. You have to learn from it and should build your own strategy. Don’t wait others to give calls and waste your time. Learn others strategies and make your own trading style.

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I can give you free call for one month for paper trading. After that if you think it is of any worth you can carry out it with fees.

Thanks mate, I won’t forgot to share some with you :slight_smile:

haha . . . u can join my fb group ‘nifty daily tracking’

i would love to, but i am not on facebook :frowning: