App login just with pin instead of password & pin for both apps

@nithin It would be great if we could login to kite app just with PIN, Instead of password&pin.

Applicable for coin as well.

Make it simple…

or whatever it is easy to type. All same, alphabets or numbers.

I think this won’t change cause of regulatory.

The next update to kite mobile is coming with finger print login

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Already came

yes but thats not released to public yet.

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Yes, it’s in unreleased version kite 3 app in Google play,
I am using it, working nice

But in this app tvc chart not work properly.
Slow loading . And cross not working as chartiq

Yes, please make it something like Windows done, I mean that latest entering by the pin itself, so I do not see anything set anymore really of that facts. How do you really want to go there further ? Please explain this to support, it’s much easier to enter and if there is a need will enter password for sure.