Apply for IPO using both HDFC and Zerodha

Dear Fellas,

I have HDFC securities account and Zerodha Account. While applying IPO i use HDFC Sec, since we cannot apply IPO thru Zerodha.

I read couple of posts here on D-Mart IPO application using zerodha thru different means…

My question is since i have 2 accounts can i apply for upcoming IPO’s using both HDFC and Zerodha?


  1. Applying for an IPO through ASBA using your Zerodha DP ID is really simple. You can follow the steps described here. All you need to do is login to your internet banking portal and input a few details like your Name, PAN, and your Zerodha DP ID. That is it and your IPO application is done.
  2. You can only make one application per PAN. If you submit multiple applications, all of them will be rejected.
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I want to know if another person having his account in SBI can apply for me by filling my DP and other details.

No - the ASBA account benificiary and Demat account must be same.

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