Apply for REIT IPOs using UPI

A new REIT IPO is launching - Nexus Select Trust.

There are 3 REITs already listed in India. But until now, one had to use net banking or physical ASBA to apply for these IPOs. In June 2022, SEBI allowed the UPI mechanism for REIT IPO applications. Nexus REIT is the first IPO to be launched after the rules were modified.

You can now apply for the Nexus REIT IPO using UPI just as you would apply for any other IPO.

What is a REIT?

REITs [Real Estate Investment Trusts] are like mutual funds for real estate investment. Investors pool their money, and a REIT invests in commercial properties. Returns come from rental income and property value appreciation. Check out this asset allocation module on Varsity to learn how you can use REITs in your investment portfolio.

Here are the REITs already listed in India:

  1. Brookfield
  2. Embassy
  3. Mindspace

When is the Nexus REIT IPO going live?

The Nexus REIT IPO is launching on 9th May. Click here to see everything you need to know about Nexus Select Trust before you apply.

IPO date 09 May 2023 – 11 May 2023
Listing date 19 May 2023
Price range 95 – 100
Minimum order quantity 150


All REIT IPO applications through UPI are in the NII category. Which means -

  1. Applications cannot be cancelled.
  2. Application bids cannot be revised downwards.

The maximum application size is Rs 5 lakhs like other IPOs in the UPI mechanism.