Appropriate broker for scalp trading

Hello. I am looking for a broker who satisfies some conditions:

  1. Has unlimited brokerage plan (monthly or quarterly or 6 months or annually) where I can pay fixed brokerage.

  2. Provides level 2 and/or Depth of Market (DOM) data.

I don’t think any retail broker other then zerodha provides 20-depth data in India.

For brokerage, you can get absolutely 0 brokerage with finvasia, but they provide only 5 depth data (as far as I know). They have a ton of products available though like Fox Trader which might satisfy your requirements. Try contacting them.

P.S.: I have no idea about the financial condition of Finvasia though. Not that I am doubting it, but there’s just nothing in public about it, unlike zerodha which releases newsletters regarding its health often …