Are all public companies listed?

Are all public companies listed ?

What do you mean public company? PSUs?

A company who has issued securities through IPO

Yes for raising capital from public like ipo u must be listed company

What is company decided to sell shares through OTC ?

The OTCEI is no longer a functional exchange as the same has been de-recognised by SEBI vide its order dated 31 Mar 2015.

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One more question. If a company’s 30% shares are listed on exchange and 70% shares are held by say 5-6 promoters, then if they want to trade among themselves, then also do they hv to trade through exchange ?

YES considering dealing through a bse/nse broker is STT paid .i do not think the promoters would go for any OFF LINE NON STT PAID non broker contract related trading even among themselves.

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But those 70% shares are not listed on exchange? So how can they trade through exchange?

Only issued and subscribed capital can be traded on exchanges… say company has authorized capital of 100 shares but only 30 shares are issued and subscribed and listed hence only these shares can be traded. rest 70 shares can be traded only after the same are issued and subscribed.

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Yes sir
But my question is, say, Company Abc has issued 100 shares, which are currently being held by its promoters. Now the company go for OFS and sold 15 shares to the public. Rest 85 shares are still held by promoters. Now my question is since those 85 shares has nothing to with exchange, how can then promoters trade their shares among themselves through exchange ?

Issued and subscribed capital is 100 shares out of which promoters hold 85 shares and 15 shares are held by non promoters. no issue . if promoters want they can trade in the 85 shares on compliance of regulatory formalities if any.

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through exchange or OTC ?

through official trading platform only means stock exchanges .